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Welcome to the first of many blogs from Resolve Microscopy Consulting. Buying an electron microscope (be it TEM, SEM, FIB, FIB/SEM) is a daunting task and more so these days, due to budget restraints, choosing the right machine for the job is difficult with many manufacturers offering many types of models and added accessories (Cryo, EDX, EBSD, GIS deposition systems, GIS selective etching deposition, Large area imaging and correlative systems). On top of this is the added pressure of being able to provide justification for the purchase in the event of being audited in the future.

Having been through the process of purchasing many systems my experience working with sales personnel in this field have been good and bad. On very rare occasions sales persons have an in depth knowledge about the microscope they’re selling. As in all businesses however, there are many opportunists working in this market attracted by the very high commission when selling these machines. It’s important to remember that the information presented by sales show machine specifications measured under ideal conditions and will be very different to results obtained with real world samples and environmental conditions in your facility. Therefore it is important to ask the right questions during the purchasing process so that you will be confident with your eventual choice. Here are 3 example questions that you should consider:

  1. What are my current and long-term imaging needs?
  2. What kind of scientific criteria would be suitable to test the machine capabilities?
  3. How can I use the data collected to provide sufficient evidence to justify the purchase?

At Resolve Microscopy Consulting Inc we will tailor the search for the machine that suits your needs by:

  1. Evaluating your imaging requirements based on your current and long term needs
  2. Designing scientific criteria to test machines according to your imaging requirements
  3. Guiding you through the testing process
  4. Evaluating the data using our proprietary “Assessment Template”
  5. Creating a summary of the testing result with machines ranked in the order according to your requirements

If you have any feedback regarding the blog, or interest in our services please contact us.